The training centre was established in 2016. The aim of the centre is to reach out to small-scale farmers, NGO’s and government departments and provide short, but comprehensive training courses in poultry.

Our facility is situated in a calm and beautiful environment where people attending can come and learn and build new friendships. We are proud to be part of the APMI project, working together with World Poultry Foundation towards making a difference. To date, over 1000 people have passed through our training centre and we have had very positive feedback on our courses. We look forward to continuing providing these courses in the future and developing others as the demand grows.


Sheryl Bradnick
Training Manager

My passion for people makes my job as a Training Manager the best job in the world! Having the privilege of making a difference is an honour. It is rewarding and an inspiration to meet people from all walks of life and developing lifelong friendships.

Mayai Mdiba
Sarah B Ndimbo

Me as a lady, I love my work and what I am doing every day because it's not just a workplace but it's a place which I can meet with different kinds of people and I can give them the knowledge I have and welcome them. Whenever I think of that it becomes very easy for me to get off the bed quick and come to work early.

Dr Dulle.jpg
Dr Charles Dulle
Consultant Vet and Trainer 

My great desire is to provide the best required material  both theoretically but much likely in a practical way to all people in my society in order to create a committing society and un-educated free. Best living standard with the best education that can develop helpful to all people.

Princess Lay.jpg
Princess Laya

I love what I do...it gives me goosebumps and makes my feathers stand upright. Seeing chicks on a Monday grow into chickens on a Friday...Kluck, Kluck, Kluck!