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The training centre was established in 2016. The centre aims to reach out to small-scale farmers, NGO’s and government departments and provide short, but comprehensive training courses in poultry.

Our facility is situated in a calm and beautiful environment where people attending can come and learn and build new friendships. We are proud to have been part of the APMI project, working together with the World Poultry Foundation towards making a difference. To date, over 35,000 people have passed through our training centre and we have had very positive feedback on our courses. We look forward to continuing to provide these courses in the future and developing others as the demand grows.

The training center has added a new dimension to poultry in Tanzania. From just having a few village chickens running around homes, people that have attended the courses, have been exposed to a new way of looking at poultry farming. The courses are designed to educate farmers on the best practices to grow chickens in their environment. They soon come to realize that it can become a sustainable business and can grow with experience, hard work, and passion. The staff at the training center are dedicated to creating this passion and excitement for chickens and new beginnings in poultry farming. This has resulted in lives being changed. Examples of this are families being able to pay school fees and provide better for their families.

The training center is not only focused on teaching good poultry management but also on building relationships and a support system for them once they return home and begin their farming adventure. We pride ourselves on the number of success stories that have been shared and in the number of lives that have drastically been changed due to their experience at the Silverlands Poultry Training Center.


IMG-20230908-WA0000 (002).jpg
Sarah Ndimbo
Training Manager

Being a leader and working with people has been a dream come true job for me. Poultry business owners have been growing from one stage to another and this phase has been such an inspiration for the future of  the company and the upcoming generation.

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Davis Temba
Maria Ngupola 

At Silverlands Poultry Training Centre, we take pride in training individuals in the best practices of poultry farming. As an administrator, I can attest to the numerous success stories of our alumni who have gone on to establish thriving poultry businesses. Enroll in our program today and discover your potential.

Dr Dulle.jpg
Dr Charles Dulle
Consultant Vet and Trainer 

I am excited to be training and supporting poultry farmers at Silverlands Poultry Training Centre. I understand the challenges faced by poultry farmers in the industry. I am here to help you overcome those challenges with our comprehensive training programs and support services. Join us today and let's grow together!

Princess Lay.jpg
Princess Laya

I love what I gives me goosebumps and makes my feathers stand upright. Seeing chicks on a Monday grow into chickens on a Friday...Kluck, Kluck, Kluck!

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