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Mr. GURISHA MFANGA from Monduli, Arusha has been our customer of feed and chicks and has been doing poultry farming without training until November 2023, when he attended a 5 days Brooder management course and received a certificate of competence and since then he starts progressing in his poultry business. He had 940 SASSO and Broiler chickens and he was struggling to control the mortality during brooding period as well as biosecurity procedures but after training he now is able to place up to 2,000 chicks with very low mortality rate during the cycle. His future plan is to complete other chicken houses at USA river area and place more chicks

He has now employed someone named Joseph to assist him on his farm. He has three houses of chickens at different ages and also has a vegetable garden, banana trees and avocado trees which he keeps fertilized using the chicken manure from the poultry houses. Another business he has is a honey business.


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